What Questions Have Been Asked?

I like to ask questions. To be honest, I like to ask lots of questions. I have learned that one of the main ways to gain an understanding about a topic is to ask questions.

I created this blog as a place where I can ask questions. The process of answering those questions then challenges me to better understand my craft and allows me to share information with other physical educators.

I have asked and addressed several questions (please see below). Please consider clicking on a question and reading the related blog article.

What Do My In-Person PE Classes Look Like During This Pandemic?

How Do You Select Large Group Activities (i.e., Games)?

Have You Ever Taught Throwing Using Shop Rags?

This Is How I Teach 4-Square

How Does My Clipboard Help Me Stay Organized?

Why Is Writing a Yearly Plan Helpful?

Can the Right Music Make Striking Balloons Almost Magical?

Why Is the Beginning of the Year so Important?

How Can We Build Each Student’s Confidence Within Their Personal Skill Set?

How Does Your #PhysEd Class Begin?

Have You Tried These #PhysEdHacks?

How Many Laps Can Your Students Run?

Does Your Gym Floor Help You Teach?

Have You Ever Rotated a Scooter 90 Degrees?

How Do You Integrate Other Subjects into PE?

How Do Your Students Exit the Gym?

How Does Data Inform Your Instruction?

Does Student Autonomy Make a Difference?

How Do You Relay Health Information During Your PE Classes?

Do Students Have to Think in PE?

Do You Ever Wish You Had a Slow Motion Button?

How Can You Help Your Students Look up When Dribbling a Basketball?

Does Organization Really Matter?

Do You Plan Activities that Have Different Levels or Variations?

Can You Create Your Own Professional Development?

Why Do You Teach PE?

What Does a Typical PE Class Look Like at My School?

How Do You Improve Your Instructional Methods?

What Do You Get When You Combine a Beanbag with a Playground Ball?

How Do You Plan Your Units of Instruction?

Can Assessment Be Used as a Motivator?

Do You Call Them Games or Activities?

How Do You Reflect on Your Instruction?

Do You Use the EDP in PE?

How Many Different Ways Can You Use a 4-Square Court?

Can You Get Your Own Heart Rate Up?

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